Storage in the cloud

Storage in the cloud

Today we bring you the best way to backup in the cloud , today it is best DROPBOX, this site allows us to store photos, documents and videos in a kind of virtual flash drive and it is best which is free up to 2GB, then if we want more ability to pay some money to increase our GB capacity, it is clear that Dropbox is completely private, which we keep only there we can see us or if you prefer with whom we share our cloud.
Below we will explain how to use Dropbox

The first thing to do is enter the Dropbox site from HERE

There we will ask for Name, Last Name, Email and password, accept the terms of dropbox and click on " Create Account " 
Now will open a new window where you pray to download dropbox  or download dopbox in case you have entered the site in English and wait for dropbox download, once downloaded, run it, we click install, once installed and will open dropbox program where we ask the data previously entered in the register of the site, we turn to a new window where you choose how much we want to use GB, 2GB is free, then we have a choice of 50GB for $ S9, 99 per month or even more if we can have 100GB for $ S19, 99, is worth noting that if we choose the free and then recommend more people to subscribe Dropbox we added 500MB more per user that we bring up to 16GB of free limit. Suppose we choose Dropbox free 2 GB, we click "Next" in the new window choose typical setup, install and then we click Next to complete the installation, now if we have already completed the installation of Dropbox  see bottom right of your screen dropbox logo appears, click the docle do and will open our virtual pendrive hope you liked it, and you find it useful. GreetingsVIRTUAL TREND 

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